Manholes, Handholes & Transformer Pads

Electrical Utility Manhole

Common Uses for Manholes

  • Electrical and Communication Manholes
  • Solar Cabinet Bases
  • POCC Vaults
  • Power Distribution Structures
  • Steam Manholes
  • Aircraft Rated Handholes and Manholes for Airports and Military Bases
  • Handholes for Lighting and Traffic Signals
  • Telecommunications Structures
  • Power Vaults for EV Charging Stations

To view some of our standard size precast concrete structures, see the sample drawings on the bottom of this page to download a pdf version. Options can be changed to match your specific requirements. Roof openings, wall openings, access covers, conduit terminator sizes and locations can be changed; the pdf's are merely examples. If you don't see the size your job requires, we can manufacture a manhole which will fit your project. Have existing lines? We can provide doghouse openings and panelized manholes to install around your steam pipe, conduit and ductbanks. Please contact Advance Concrete Products for a custom drawing. Call 248-887-4173 or email

Electrical Pull Box

We manufacture a variety of standard size manholes and handholes. What is considered a handhole? Simply a structure not tall enough on the inside to stand upright. A manhole is one with 6' of headroom or more, so a person can service conduit or equipment inside, while standing.

Our precast concrete standard structures are quite versatile. By adding midsections, the “two-piece” can become taller. They range in size from 2’ x 2’ square, all the way up to 14' x 7'-6" or 13’ x 9’ rectangular vaults that can be made 20’ or taller. We have varying wall, floor, and roof thicknesses to satisfy your loading requirements, ranging from pedestrian to aircraft.

If you have an approximate idea of what size precast concrete manhole or handhole you are looking for, we can quote your exact size and also offer the closest standard size at a savings, so you have choices. Please see the pdf versions of some of our standards sizes on this webpage to download for your project.

Our handholes and manholes are used for traffic signal projects (ITS), underground communication and telephone ductbank systems, electrical substations, new lighting installations, and airport power/telecommunications.

Each precast concrete manhole or handhole can be manufactured with the following options, specifically ordered for your project:

  • Threaded inserts for cable rack attachments
  • Polypropylene coated steel steps
  • Duct terminators for your PVC conduit
  • Custom opening and knockout windows
  • Sump dish with cast iron or plastic sump grate
  • Aluminum access hatches with various options
  • Embedded Flexstrut inserts
  • Cast iron frames and access covers
  • Pulling irons
  • Composite rebar reinforcement for extremely corrosive environments
  • Corrosion inhibiting admixtures

Added value items can be delivered with your pre-cast concrete manhole or vault:

  • Galvanized steel hardware such as vertical racks, platforms, brackets, and support arms
  • Non-metallic hardware and insulators
  • Precast concrete risers with steps
  • Fiberglass or galvanized steel ladders
  • Concrete cable markers
  • All-over exterior plant-applied membrane
  • Exterior plant-applied coating
  • Joint membrane with primer
  • Precast concrete divider wall(s) to create multi-compartments