Above Ground Precast Concrete

Precast Concrete Buildings

Concrete Buildings Offer Many Advantages We offer a variety of exterior finishes including: Exposed Limestone Aggregate Simulated Brick Cast-in Brick Ties Custom Reveals and Formliners Buildings are purchased for many different functions: Flammable Storage Pump Control Housing Communication Equipment Structure Pool Maintenance & Toy Storage Golf Course Storm Shelter Lawn Maintenance Equipment Garage Tower Controls […]

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Precast Concrete Pads and Slabs

Call us for Replacement Roof Slabs, Transformer Pads or Cabinet Pads Did you dig up an old brick or cast-in-place existing structure, only to find the roof has deteriorated? Give us a call at Advance Concrete Products. We are the experts at making that custom roof slab fast so your excavation is not open to […]

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T-Wall Options

Advance Concrete Products Co. offers a strong, durable, attractive precast concrete T-Wall system. With a maximum height of 16′ and a stable 8′ wide footprint, you can utilize these self-supporting walls for a variety of functions. They can keep your materials organized and separated, can hide an electrical substation or protect the public from a […]

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Storm Shelters

StormSafe Storm Protection Shelter Yes, to show how strong they are, we dropped a car on top of our above ground prefab concrete storm shelter! Did you know Michigan is in the highest category for tornado probability in the United States? Be ready for tornado and storm season with “StormSafe”, our precast concrete, above-ground storm […]

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Concrete Safes

Dispensary Safe Rooms As cannabis becomes legal for medical and recreational use in a growing number of states, a question is raised by farmers/growers and dispensaries, “Since banks don’t accept our money, where do we keep the cash safe? How do we protect our inventory?” The Advance Concrete Products’ vault is the perfect solution: store […]

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