Airport Precast Concrete

Aircraft Loading Precast Concrete Structures


Advance Concrete Products Co. specializes in heavy duty precast concrete, which is a perfect fit for airports because of the heavy loads impacted by airplanes. From 2′ x 2′ aircraft loading electrical handholes to 36′ span three-sided bridges, we can build precast concrete structures to handle loads in your airport taxiways, under parking structures, in heavy cargo vehicle loading areas, and anywhere on the airfield.

Advance Concrete Products Co. is trusted to supply aircraft loading stormwater retention chambers, airport pedestrian tunnels, storage tanks, electrical manholes, precast concrete PAPI lamp housing foundations, junction can plazas, industrial airport maintenance buildings, and custom underground vaults in airports all over the United States.

Precast concrete structures drastically cut your installation time compared to cast-in-place concrete construction, allowing minimal interruption of airport operations. Whether you are looking for pedestrian loading, HS-20, HS-25, or up to 300,000 lb. aircraft loading, you’ve found the best manufacturer.

Every time a plane takes off from one of these airports, they are probably taxiing over or flying above at least one precast concrete structure from Advance Concrete Products:

Akron-Canton Regional Airport Oklahoma City Airport
Bishop International Airport Oakland County International Airport
Branch County Memorial Airport Toledo Express Airport
Capital City Airport Tulip City Airport
Cherry Capital Airport W.K. Kellogg Regional Airport
Chippewa County International Airport Wayne County Metropolitan Airport
Columbus Bolton Field Airport Willow Run Airport
Gerald R. Ford International Airport Alpena Air National Guard Base
Hillsdale Municipal Airport Battle Creek Air National Guard Base
Honolulu Airport (yes, we ship to Hawaii!) K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base
JFK International Airport Oscoda-Wurtsmith Air Force Base
Kent County International Airport Selfridge Air National Guard Base
MBS International Airport Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Middletown Ohio Municipal Airport