Panel Structures

We at Advance Concrete Products understand our standard two-piece structures may not always be the perfect fit for your project. In your special cases, we can produce a panel manhole, sized to the nearest half inch, in almost the same amount of time as a standard two-piece size. You may order a slab floor, four separate walls, and a concrete roof slab, which are all keyed together for structural integrity. You can order one or all of the precast concrete panels.

Precast concrete panel manholes may be advantageous for your job because:

  • Multi-piece construction allows installation over existing lines.
  • Tight job sites require specific, special sizes because standard sizes will not fit.
  • The size required is too large to legally deliver, so a panelized design still allows for the advantage of precast concrete construction.
  • Shapes other than a square or rectangle can be produced, such as hexagons or octagons.
  • Panels can be custom sized and added to existing structures to make them larger without complete demolition.
  • The customer needs to set with an excavator due to crowded site conditions.
  • The weight of a two-piece concrete section may be too heavy, because of the distance from the excavation to the setting equipment.  Manufacturing a six-piece precast panel unit decreases the weight of the concrete pieces so the crane can reach further.

When discussing your unique project, you may discover a precast concrete panel manhole is the perfect solution to your construction site challenge.

Panel construction is used for a surprising number of products including:

  • Utility manholes
  • Communication vaults
  • Electrical manhole (shown in photo above left)
  • Meter pits
  • Storage buildings
  • Valve vaults
  • Grease and oil interceptors
  • Sludge storage tanks
  • Retaining walls
  • Material storage and separation
  • Areaways
  • Dumpster enclosures
  • Precast concrete water reclaim tanks
  • Storm water detention chambers
  • Secondary containment loading pads
  • Overflow structure (shown in photo above right)

Sample Drawings

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