Bridges and Culverts

Our ADSPAN® system is superior to other 3-sided culvert manufacturing processes. This is how we can provide quality and service at an economical price.

  • Each of our forms has the adjustability to pour 35 different bridge spans in 6” increments and can produce heights ordered to the half inch.
  • We have multiple forms at one facility and can manufacture concrete culvert drain sections for many jobs simultaneously.
  • We always deliver the precast 3-sided culvert pieces upright, the same way they will be installed in their final position on the jobsite.  There is no flipping or tipping involved, speeding up the installation process and minimizing risk of damage done to the culvert section during handling.
  • We test fit your culvert sections in our yard. We don’t wait to find out there is a fit problem.  We make sure it doesn’t happen to you on the site.
  • We test fit your precast concrete headwalls on the end sections in our yard.  Again, no surprises for you, slowing your job down and giving you headaches.

We take pride in our flexibility to manufacture the product you are looking for as a designer, owner or contractor.