Precast Concrete Pads and Slabs

Call us for Replacement Roof Slabs, Transformer Pads or Cabinet Pads

Did you dig up an old brick or cast-in-place existing structure, only to find the roof has deteriorated? Give us a call at Advance Concrete Products. We are the experts at making that custom roof slab fast so your excavation is not open to the elements and blocking traffic for more than a day or two. We can help you measure for correct slab dimensions at the jobsite in the morning, pour your slab using Type III High Early cement mix design that afternoon, and deliver the slab the next day.

Our team is ready to custom manufacture slabs for your unique situations. Whether it’s 350 fiber reinforced gallery slabs for your conveyers or one custom pad for your transformer base, you will be satisfied with our product and service.

Here are some of the precast concrete custom slabs you can order:

  • Cable Marker
  • Cabinet pad
  • Transformer pad
  • Generator pad
  • Roof slabs for new construction and replacement
  • Pavement slab
  • Precast concrete custom slab for vehicle test track
  • Gallery slab
  • Precast concrete boat launch plank
  • Handicap ramp
  • Secondary containment loading pad
  • Heavy duty precast concrete railway slab
  • Precast concrete wind turbine foundation
  • Retrofit factory floor or roof slab
  • Conveyer platform

We carry DTE size transformer pads and cabinet pads for the communication industry.

Various sizes are available. We can also produce custom size slabs at your direction.
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