The Super Slab Pre-Cast Repair System

Precast Concrete Pavement for Surface Roads and Highways

Advance Concrete Products Co. is proud to be the first precaster to manufacture pavement slabs for The Super Slab Pre-Cast Repair System in the state of Michigan. In the past, highway and road repairs took days and sometimes only lasted years. Now, precast concrete pavement slabs are installed in hours and will last decades.

Slab dimensions are kept to extremely tight tolerances, poured with high-strength concrete in our environmentally-controlled facility, and stocked until the contractor is ready. Lanes can be closed after rush hour in the afternoon, existing sections of roadway then sawcut and removed, full-depth, precast concrete pavement slabs are installed in less than 8 hours, and the lanes opened to traffic in time for morning rush hour. Imagine – road segments with potholes one day, then brand new, high-performance concrete pavement being driven over the very next day. Precast concrete pavement slabs will help improve our infrastructure faster than ever imagined, by transforming aging, damaged roadway into smooth, strong concrete pavement virtually overnight. Advance Concrete Products Co. is part of the solution. How can we help you?

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Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT)
Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)
Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT)
DTE Energy

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