Underground Precast Concrete

Manholes, Handholes & Transformer Pads

Protect the Power Electrical and Communication Manholes Solar Cabinet Bases POCC Vaults Power Distribution Structures Steam Manholes Airport Handholes Capable of Aircraft Loading Handholes for Lighting and Traffic Signals Telecommunications Structures To view some of our standard size precast concrete structures, see the sample drawings on the bottom of this page to download a pdf […]

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Airport Precast Concrete

Aircraft Loading Precast Concrete Structures   Advance Concrete Products Co. specializes in heavy duty precast concrete, which is a perfect fit for airports because of the heavy loads impacted by airplanes. From 2′ x 2′ aircraft loading electrical handholes to 36′ span three-sided bridges, we can build precast concrete structures to handle loads in your […]

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Meter Pits & Valve Vaults

Precast Concrete Geothermal Vault Geothermal Energy is a safe, renewable energy stored within the earth and is becoming increasingly popular due to the public’s growing concern for reducing waste.  Due to the earth’s constant temperature, geothermal energy can be efficiently used for heating and cooling purposes without harm to the environment.  Advance Concrete Products Co. is called […]

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Interceptors & Separators

Precast Concrete Grease Interceptors Mixed reports and different types of materials available for interceptors can result in confusion. Which type of grease interceptor or oil separator should you include in your design or should you consider purchasing? Precast concrete interceptors have the advantages you are looking for, regardless of the false claims made by other […]

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Advance Concrete Products Co. first began manufacturing precast concrete tanks in 1966, and has been expanding ever since to give you choices. Many of our forms are adjustable in height, so standard sizes can be increased for volume by making them taller. You can order tanks as small as 500 gallons to 1 million gallons […]

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Panel Structures

We at Advance Concrete Products understand our standard two-piece structures may not always be the perfect fit for your project. In your special cases, we can produce a panel manhole, sized to the nearest half inch, in almost the same amount of time as a standard two-piece size. You may order a slab floor, four separate […]

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Retention & Detention Chambers

Underground Stormwater Storage One of the major components of storm water management is flow control, particularly in developed areas where buildings, parking lots, roads, and other impervious surfaces replace open space. As imperviousness increases, there is less area available for infiltration, and the amount of water runoff increases. This may cause streams to be prone […]

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Bridges and Culverts

Our ADSPAN® system is superior to other 3-sided culvert manufacturing processes. This is how we can provide quality and service at an economical price. Each of our forms has the adjustability to pour 35 different bridge spans in 6” increments and can produce heights ordered to the half inch. We have multiple forms at one facility […]

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Your Tunnel Sections Can Be Made, Stocked, and Ready to Go Many colleges and universities trust Advance Concrete Products Co. to produce high quality precast concrete tunnel for their vast underground steam networks. The tunnels shown on the left are stocked for Michigan State University, measuring 5′ wide x 3′-6″ tall inside, and include hot-dipped […]

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