T Security Wall

TWall For SecurityAdvance Concrete Products Co. offers a strong, durable, attractive precast concrete T Security Wall system. With a maximum height of 16′ and a stable 8′ wide footprint, you can utilize these self-supporting walls for a variety of functions. They can keep your materials organized and separated, can hide an electrical substation or protect the public from a hazardous area.  With custom corner sections and a tongue-in-groove joint connection, the walls are installed easily and can be considered portable if your storage area needs to be moved. Additional sections can be added at a later date for increased area size. The height of our precast concrete TWalls can be customized for your particular function.

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Salt/Sand Storage
Recyclable Organization
Manure / Waste Storage
Wood Chip Storage
Bunker Silo
Landscape Material Storage
Noise Barrier
Retaining Walls
Substation Concealment
Protection for Hazardous Area
Property Division

Sample Drawings

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