Retention & Detention Chambers

Underground Stormwater Storage

One of the major components of storm water management is flow control, particularly in developed areas where buildings, parking lots, roads, and other impervious surfaces replace open space. As imperviousness increases, there is less area available for infiltration, and the amount of water runoff increases. This may cause streams to be prone to flash floods. Many municipalities require newly-developed areas to implement measures to capture or control the increase in peak runoff for a design storm event.

Underground precast water retention chambers are sized according to your property footprint and volume requirements, and are often installed under parking lots. From manufacturing plants to grocery and department stores, the concrete vessel is hidden under your valuable parking spaces. Our precast concrete underground tank captures water runoff & retains the liquid throughout the storm event. Then, the stored water can be released directly back into surface waters through an outlet pipe. If the outlet pipe is located at the bottom of the basin so that all of the water eventually drains out and it remains dry between storms, this is termed a dry basin, or detention tank. Retention tanks have the outlet or orifice at a higher point so that the precast concrete storage structure retains a permanent pool of water.

At Advance Concrete Products, we don’t just have one type of system for stormwater runoff detention. We have different options to fit your property type or constraints. These detention and retention tank systems can be installed quickly. For instance, installation of an 80′ x 75′ x 7′-3″ tall precast concrete retention chamber for a car dealership took less than a week.

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