Turning Waste Into Energy – Zoo Poo

The Detroit Zoo built the first anaerobic biodigester in North America. To be the first, you must be fast. That’s why the construction manager called Advance Concrete Products.

Precast concrete panels from Advance were ordered to build the backbone of the biodigester facility. Advance Concrete manufactured 26 precast concrete unique panels to create the heavy duty structure needed to house the process equipment. Critical elements were embedded into the concrete walls and roof panels, for connections, to help make the structure airtight. Large openings were formed for loaders to feed the animal waste from the Zoo’s inhabitants into the bays. After the doors shut, the transformation of waste into energy begins, changing the biomass into biogas, which is then converted to electrical power for the Zoo. A byproduct of the anaerobic process is fertilizer, affectionately called Zoo Poo.  Advance is proud to have been an important part of supplying a green product, concrete, to further the Detroit Zoological Society’s Greenprint plan. We want to be a part of your process to generate power from waste at your farm, food production facility, or zoo. Call Advance Concrete at 248-887-4173 or email info@advanceconcreteproducts.com. To see the loader in action at the Detroit Zoo’s Biodigester, click on the link below.