Wastewater Treatment Tank – Precast is Fast

The contractor was worried.  He had never witnessed a panelized tank from Advance Concrete Products being installed.  He kept asking the same questions: How long will this take?  What if we don’t have enough time? Will you help us assemble? Are you sure you have enough tools?  How is this going to fit together?

There were 15 components, each precisely designed to fit together in keyways and easily connected.  Advance people kept reassuring the contractor:  There’s no need to worry. It will be finished before you know it. We will help you. Our drivers are experts. We have the tools. Everything fits together. This is a normal installation for Advance.
The contractor scheduled his job site crew and rental crane for two full erection days.  They started unloading the first Advance truck for this multi-compartment waste water treatment tank at 9:20 am.  By 2:15 the same afternoon, the precast concrete tank was complete.  That’s less than 5 hours on the job! The crane was packing up. The crew was collecting their tools. The design engineer, owner, and county engineer were impressed. The contractor was ecstatic. He saved more than a whole day of crane charges and labor costs.
The contractor was so grateful, he drove to Advance and thanked everyone he could find.  He said he wants to install more panelized tanks.  He was amazed at how perfectly everything fit.   At one point, he and the other supervisor on the job watched the last precast concrete wall go in.  They thought they’d be waiting on the last truck to bring the roofs, they turned around, and that very truck was backing up under the crane to be unloaded.  The contractor said this tank would take more than a week to cast-in-place, even with perfect weather.  With Advance Concrete, it took less than 5 hours.
Everything was organized and went like clockwork. There was no waiting. Everything fit. Our friendly crews worked together. The contractor beat his deadline.  The contractor impressed his customer with high quality and service.  This IS a normal installation when you order from Advance.
If you are designing or need to construct a large capacity or multi-compartment structure, contact our staff at Advance Concrete Products Co.  info@advanceconcreteproducts.com or 1-800-824-8351