We’re Not Always Square At Advance

Your project sometimes needs more than just a custom size; you may require a custom shape. The walls have to match existing conduit layouts and elevations. Racking hardware must be installed on 45 degree angles. You just know a square or rectangular concrete structure won’t be the perfect fit. Are you counting 5 sides? 6 sides? How about 8 sides? There’s no need to be stressed. Contact Advance! We have state-of-the-art systems in place to get your mission accomplished, from concept to reality. Advance Concrete Products has the team to get your octagonal precast concrete manhole designed, manufactured, delivered and installed, so you can move on to your next project. Our experienced production and installation crews will make sure all concrete components fit together perfectly. We will make you look good, no matter what shape. Contact Advance Concrete Products today with your jobsite challenge and we can make precast concrete work for you.

Email: info@advanceconcreteproducts.com or call 248-887-4173