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Precast Concrete Steam Tunnel Yarded at ACP, Loaded, Being Installed!

  Tunnel after Tunnel Lined Up and Ready For The Customer
  Now the Tunnels are loaded, ready to head to the job!
  Precast Tunnel Install

When You Need A Custom Precast Concrete Product, Advance Responds...

  Yes, We Can Manufacture & Deliver In One Piece
  Yes, We Can Use Formliners to Match Your Surroundings
  Yes, We Can Use Special Cement For Your Project
When you ask for a large, monolithic vault, we can manufacture and deliver in one piece.  When you request a precast concrete building to match your job site surroundings, we use formliners to create the desired effect.  If a special low-alkali cement is necessary for a vault over existing pipes, we find the material and deliver in record time.  What can we do for YOU?


36' Span x 9' Rise ADSPAN 3-Sided Culvert for MDOT

  3- Sided Culvert for MDOT
  36' Span x 9' rise 3-sided culvert

Storm Interceptors

  Advance / Suntree Technologies
This Nutrient Separating Baffle Box was installed in Delhi Township, Michigan.  

Advance Concrete Products Co. and Suntree Technologies, Inc. work together to offer the most effective interceptors available.  On many sites, we can offer our own trailer mounted cranes to set the structure in your excavation.  We can meet you at the project location to help determine accessibility.

Suntree Technologies Website

MIS Pedestrian Tunnel

When Clark Construction and The MacKenzie Companies asked for a quick turnaround for 250 linear feet of pedestrian tunnel for the Michigan International Speedway, Advance Concrete answered by pouring multiple sections per day.  Each precast concrete ADSPAN® section was delivered in the upright position, allowing quicker unloading, installation, and reducing stress on the crane.  No tipping or turning is required when purchasing your 3-sided culverts from Advance.  
  ADSPANŽ Section Arrival at MIS
  Installing ADSPANŽ Tunnel at MIS
  Pedestrian Tunnel Under MIS Pit Road

CS Mott Retention Chamber

Any college town can be a challenge to find adequate space for stormwater runoff, especially Ann Arbor.  For maximum flexibility in size, Site Development ordered three underground precast concrete water retention tanks from Advance Concrete Products for the CS Mott Children's Hospital.  To stay within the tight footprint allowed for storage, modular sections were used for each tank with large openings for flow between parallel chambers.  The large quantities of modular sections were stored at our Highland, Michigan plant until the contractor was ready to take delivery.  
  CS Mott Maneuver
  CS Mott
  CS Mott Complete

ADSPANŽ 3- Sided Culverts Follow Stream Contour

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