Valves and Piping Can Be Installed Prior to Delivery

Advance Concrete Products is proud to have provided a valve vault, complete with riser, for this important remediation project at the Detroit Wildlife Refuge.  The precast concrete assembly was outfitted at our yard prior to delivery with valves, piping, and supports, saving valuable time and money on the job.  The contractor also chose to have Advance apply two coats of exterior damproofing on the concrete structure at our plant to decrease permeability.  We are excited to be part of the vast improvements occurring in the city of Detroit and surrounding areas.

The 44-acre Refuge Gateway is located on the Trenton Channel of the Detroit River in Trenton, Michigan. It is a brownfield site that is being restored as the Refuge Gateway.  Over 50 years ago the entire Refuge Gateway shoreline of the Trenton Channel was filled to accommodate the industrial development of the site, destroying many coastal wetlands.  Restoration work at the site will recreate a more natural shoreline at the Refuge Gateway from upland habitats through shrub-scrub, emergent wetlands, submergent wetlands, and transitioning out to paulstrine habitats. In total, 18 acres of wetlands and 26 acres of prairie/buffer habitats will be restored at the Refuge Gateway.

The innovative restoration work being completed at the Refuge Gateway represents a net gain in wetlands in an area that has lost 97% of its coastal wetlands to development. By restoring these coastal wetlands and adjacent buffer habitats, the ecological buffer is being improved for Humbug Marsh, Michigan’s only Wetland of International Importance.