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Above Ground Precast Concrete

Turning Waste Into Energy – Zoo Poo

The Detroit Zoo built the first anaerobic biodigester in North America. To be the first, you must be fast. That’s why the construction manager called Advance Concrete Products. Precast concrete panels from Advance were ordered to build the backbone of the biodigester facility. Advance Concrete manufactured 26 precast concrete unique panels to create the heavy […]

Quick, Custom and Correct

Scratching your head, trying to figure out how to protect underground lines in aging brick structures? Call Advance Concrete Products Co! At a busy intersection, Woodward and Congress in Detroit, electrical and telephone lines could not be moved or interrupted, and had to be protected from roadway traffic. Rectangular simple shapes would not fit, so […]

The Super Slab Pre-Cast Repair System

Precast Concrete Pavement for Surface Roads and Highways Advance Concrete Products Co. is proud to be the first precaster to manufacture pavement slabs for The Super Slab Pre-Cast Repair System in the state of Michigan. In the past, highway and road repairs took days and sometimes only lasted years. Now, precast concrete pavement slabs are […]

What is a Precast Concrete Junction Can Plaza?

Our latest precast concrete delivery includes a product installed near planes, weighs approximately 16 tons, and saves the contractor and airport a lot of time, instead of cast-in-place concrete construction. This is just one of many Junction Can Plazas installed at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. When a light goes out at home, a quick bulb change […]

Attractive T-Walls for Substation Security

Advance Concrete Products Co. manufactures precast concrete modular panels that create one of the most cost effective, versatile security wall systems available.  Our precast concrete T Wall components are produced indoors, in a controlled environment, so they exhibit uniformity, durability, and high quality. Problems affecting quality, typically found on a jobsite due to weather, can […]

Pavement Replacement

A very busy city required an emergency replacement of pavement over an existing manhole.  The production crew at Advance Concrete Products Co. poured the precast roof at our plant after precise measurements with the contractor.  The existing pavement was cut out in the morning, the precast concrete heavy duty slab was set in place by […]

Existing Lines? No problem, call Advance 1-800-824-8351

Underground duct banks consist of large groupings of conduits which serve everything from primary power systems to fiber, communication, secondary entrances, and fire alarm networks.  Existing underground duct banks are frequently tapped into for additional services to new buildings.  These conduit runs need a safe access structure for maintenance.  Panel manholes from Advance Concrete Products […]

Wastewater Treatment Tank – Precast is Fast

The contractor was worried.  He had never witnessed a panelized tank from Advance Concrete Products being installed.  He kept asking the same questions: How long will this take?  What if we don’t have enough time? Will you help us assemble? Are you sure you have enough tools?  How is this going to fit together? There […]

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