Precast Concrete Panel Structures


Wastewater Treatment Tank - Precast is Fast

The contractor was worried.  He had never witnessed a panelized tank from Advance Concrete Products being installed.  He kept asking the same questions: How long will this take?  What if we don't have enough time? Will you help us assemble? Are you sure you have enough tools?  How is this going to fit together?  

There were 15 components, each precisely designed to fit together in keyways and easily connected.  Advance people kept reassuring the contractor:  There's no need to worry. It will be finished before you know it. We will help you. Our drivers are experts. We have the tools. Everything fits together. This is a normal installation for Advance.

The contractor scheduled his job site crew and rental crane for two full erection days.  They started unloading the first Advance truck for this multi-compartment waste water treatment tank at 9:20 am.  By 2:15 the same afternoon, the precast concrete tank was complete.  That's less than 5 hours on the job! The crane was packing up. The crew was collecting their tools. The design engineer, owner, and county engineer were impressed. The contractor was ecstatic. He saved more than a whole day of crane charges and labor costs.  

The contractor was so grateful, he drove to Advance and thanked everyone he could find.  He said he wants to install more panelized tanks.  He was amazed at how perfectly everything fit.   At one point, he and the other supervisor on the job watched the last precast concrete wall go in.  They thought they'd be waiting on the last truck to bring the roofs, they turned around, and that very truck was backing up under the crane to be unloaded.  The contractor said this tank would take more than a week to cast-in-place, even with perfect weather.  With Advance Concrete, it took less than 5 hours. 

Everything was organized and went like clockwork. There was no waiting. Everything fit. Our friendly crews worked together. The contractor beat his deadline.  The contractor impressed his customer with high quality and service.  This IS a normal installation when you order from Advance. 

If you are designing or need to construct a large capacity or multi-compartment structure, contact our staff at Advance Concrete Products Co. or 1-800-824-8351

  First Panels Installed
  Panelized Wastewater Tank
  Precast Concrete Tank

Existing Lines? No problem, call Advance 1-800-824-8351

  Panel Manhole Over Existing Lines
Underground duct banks consist of large groupings of conduits which serve everything from primary power systems to fiber, communication, secondary entrances, and fire alarm networks.  Existing underground duct banks are frequently tapped into for additional services to new buildings.  These conduit runs need a safe access structure for maintenance.  Panel manholes from Advance Concrete Products Co. allow the duct bank to remain in position during construction.  Measurements are taken after excavation, sent to Advance the same day, and a brand new, custom precast concrete panel manhole can be delivered and installed in the excavation within 48 hours.  Do you have traffic planned over the new manhole location?  No problem.  We achieve concrete strength to handle heavy truck loading quickly with custom mix designs.  Precast concrete saves you time and money.  

Contact us to discuss your existing jobsite conditions.  How can we help you?

Pavement Replacement

  Pavement Replacement
A very busy city required an emergency replacement of pavement over an existing manhole.  The production crew at Advance Concrete Products Co. poured the precast roof at our plant after precise measurements with the contractor.  The existing pavement was cut out in the morning, the precast concrete heavy duty slab was set in place by the Advance Concrete crane operator, and traffic was flowing in the afternoon.  Save time and money with precast panels from Advance Concrete Products Co.

Precast Concrete Made Specifically for Your Site

  28' x 10' Panel Manhole
  Custom Precast Overflow Structure

We at Advance Concrete Products understand our standard two-piece structures may not always be the perfect fit for your project. In your special cases, we can produce a panel manhole, sized to the nearest half inch, in almost the same amount of time as a standard two-piece size. You may order a slab floor, four separate walls, and a concrete roof slab, which are all keyed together for structural integrity. You can order one or all of the precast concrete panels.


Precast concrete panel manholes may be advantageous for your job because:


         Multi-piece construction allows installation over existing lines.

         Tight job sites require a specific, special size because a standard size will not fit.

         The size required is too large to legally deliver, so a panelized design still allows for the advantage of precast concrete construction.

         Shapes other than a square or rectangle can be produced, such as a hexagon or octagon.

         Panels can be custom sized and added to existing structures to make them larger without complete demolition.

         The customer needs to set with an excavator due to crowded site conditions.

         The weight of a two-piece concrete section may be too heavy, because of the distance from the excavation to the setting equipment.  Manufacturing a six-piece precast panel unit decreases the weight of the concrete pieces so the crane can reach further.


When discussing your unique project, you may discover a precast concrete panel manhole is the perfect solution to your construction site challenge.   


Panel construction is used for a surprising number of products including: 

  • Utility manholes
  • Communication vaults
  • Electrical manhole (shown in photo above left)
  • Meter pits
  • Storage buildings
  • Valve vaults
  • Grease and oil interceptors
  • Sludge storage tanks
  • Retaining walls
  • Material storage and separation
  • Areaways
  • Dumpster enclosures
  • Precast concrete water reclaim tanks
  • Storm water detention chambers
  • Secondary containment loading pads
  • Overflow structure (shown in photo above right)
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