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Underground Precast Concrete

6-piece panel manhole around existing lines

Before…and After

We all hear how our infrastructure is aging.  We experience the problem first-hand while driving over potholes, but have you considered what is under the roads we complain about?  Failed underground structures have been ignored for decades.  In many cases, existing lines can’t be cut.  Traffic can’t be interrupted for a week at a time. …

NPCA Certified Precast Company

Why Advance?

…Because you’ll be as confident in your decision to order from Advance as the DTE Energy Project Manager who sent us this photo of our crane on his jobsite, along with this message, “It’s always nice to see Advance Concrete on the project, it’s always done right”. Advance not only delivers quality precast concrete, we…

Concrete tunnel with curve

ADSPAN® 3- Sided Culverts Follow Stream Contour

CS Mott Retention Chamber

CS Mott Retention Chamber

Any college town can be a challenge to find adequate space for stormwater runoff, especially Ann Arbor.  For maximum flexibility in size, Site Development ordered three underground precast concrete water retention tanks from Advance Concrete Products for the CS Mott Children’s Hospital.  To stay within the tight footprint allowed for storage, modular sections were used…

Pedestrian tunnel @ MIS

MIS Pedestrian Tunnel

When Clark Construction and The MacKenzie Companies asked for a quick turnaround for 250 linear feet of pedestrian tunnel for the Michigan International Speedway, Advance Concrete answered by pouring multiple sections per day.  Each precast concrete ADSPAN® section was delivered in the upright position, allowing quicker unloading, installation, and reducing stress on the crane.  No…

concrete grease interceptor

Storm Interceptors

This Nutrient Separating Baffle Box was installed in Delhi Township, Michigan. Advance Concrete Products Co. and Suntree Technologies, Inc. work together to offer the most effective interceptors available. On many sites, we can offer our own trailer mounted cranes to set the structure in your excavation. We can meet you at the project location to…

ADSPAN® 3-sided culvert installation

36′ Span x 9′ Rise ADSPAN 3-Sided Culvert for MDOT

Advance Concrete Products built and delivered the wingwall and concrete bridge sections of this tall drain culvert upright, so the contractor did not have to spend valuable crane and labor time to maneuver and tip the precast pieces into the final position. Our upright method of reinforced concrete bridge shipment is also safer for everyone…

precast tunnel manufacturer

Precast Concrete Steam Tunnel Yarded at ACP, Loaded, Being Installed!

Heavy Duty Oil Interceptor

Heavy Duty Product and Exceptional Service

You want a separator that won’t float or melt like plastic, an interceptor that you don’t have to pour a concrete slab over to make it traffic loading, a grease trap that is supplied and set in the excavation by the manufacturer, not just sent to your site on a flatbed for you to deal…

Utility manhole

We’re Not Always Square At Advance

Your project sometimes needs more than just a custom size; you may require a custom shape. The walls have to match existing conduit layouts and elevations. Racking hardware must be installed on 45 degree angles. You just know a square or rectangular concrete structure won’t be the perfect fit. Are you counting 5 sides? 6 sides?…