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CR20 B Heavy Duty Rack Stanchion

cr20 b Heavy Duty Rack Stanchion

Product Features:

  • 20″ HD Cable Rack
  • Nonmetallic
  • Will not Rust or Corrode
  • High Load Capacity
  • No Grounding or Bonding
  • Molded from UL Listed Glass Reinforced Polymer
  • Insulators are not required
  • Excellent Dielectric Properties

The Heavy Duty Nonmetallic Cable Rack is the new standard in manhole racking. The Heavy Duty Rack is non-conductive and will never rust or corrode. Grounding and insulators are no longer necessary. The Heavy Duty Rack has the same loading capacity as comparable steel cable racks.

CR20 B Heavy Duty Rack

CR20-B Heavy Duty Rack