Attractive T-Walls for Substation Security

Advance Concrete Products Co. manufactures precast concrete modular panels that create one of the most cost effective, versatile security wall systems available.  Our precast concrete T Wall components are produced indoors, in a controlled environment, so they exhibit uniformity, durability, and high quality. Problems affecting quality, typically found on a jobsite due to weather, can cause improper curing, poor craftsmanship, and shortened service life.  Our plant environment eliminates these factors.  Call us today about our precast concrete screen wall system: 248-887-4173

Features of Advance Concrete Products TWall System Include:
  • Engineered rebar reinforcement allowing unsurpassed strength
  • Can be filled on one or both sides if used for material storage
  • Weight is evenly distributed over the entire base
  • Can be configured as either L or T panels
  • Freestanding, no footings required
  • Portability allowing for expansion of your structure, reshaping of your area, and resale
  • Can be installed at your location or install yourself on your own schedule
  • We can customize height and width of precast concrete T-Walls to meet your footprint & volume
Benefits to purchasing our precast concrete TWalls instead of a poured-in-place concrete wall:
  • Avoid constructing large forms necessary for poured-in-place concrete
  • Faster on-site erection time reduces cost and community disruption
  • Fewer tradesmen are required to hire and manage
  • Greater quality control
  • Safer installation
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Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT)
Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)
Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT)
DTE Energy

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