What You Can Expect


Here’s What You Can Expect
from a Precast Concrete Company
Awarded NPCA
Certified Plant Distinction

for 26 Straight Years


1.     You receive creative solutions to your most perplexing challenges. Whatever your construction challenges, you can count on us to come up with innovative solutions that will save you time and money.


2.     Your precast concrete products are made to your precise specifications and built to last. Our job is to make you look good to your customers. One of the ways we do that is by making our products with great care, engineering them to exacting standards and ensuring they fit precisely – the first time.


3.     Your concrete order is delivered on time. We understand the critical nature of timing on construction projects. That’s why we guarantee your delivery time. You can set your watch by it.


4.     You receive a response to your questions, calls or emails quickly. Time is of the essence in the world of construction. When you contact us to ask a question or get information, you can count on a live person to answer the phone and a timely response to your inquiry.


5.     Your order is completed for the price quoted or less, but never a penny more. You will find our bids to be accurate and extremely competitive. Our long-time customers will tell you, we don’t play favorites. We don’t bid low to one customer and higher to another. Nor do we bid low to get the contract then try to get more money after the project has begun. That’s just not how we do business. We bid a fair price and do the work for the price we quoted. Period.


Please browse our website for detailed information about the precast products we offer and the types of things we do to provide you with exceptional customer service. Learn more about the customers we work with here.


“The people at Advance Concrete Products are willing to do whatever it takes to work with us. They are very adaptable and respond quickly to our needs and any changes that might come up on a project.”

Richard H, Electrical Contractor

“There are other concrete companies out there that do what they do, but we prefer using Advance Concrete Products. They do what they say they're going to do and they've never let us down. If they say they're going to be there on a certain day at a certain time, they're there. That gives me great peace of mind.”

Pat B., General Contractor

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