On-Time Delivery



9 Steps We Take to Ensure

Your Product Is Delivered

On-Time, Every-Time


1.     Your Submittal Drawing is Returned to You in Two Days or Less

A quick turnaround of your submittal drawing is the first step to guaranteeing you an on-time delivery. As soon as we receive your specifications, our team gets to work so that you can count on drawings in two days or less. 


2.     Our Yard is Kept Stocked with Standard Products for Quick Turnaround

The most commonly ordered concrete structures are kept in-stock at all times. On those occasions when a quick turnaround is essential, stock structures can be ready for delivery in just one hour.


3.     Your Structure is Made With Type III High Early Cement

Type III High Early Cement ensures stronger concrete in less time. It also guarantees forms are stripped faster which results in a speedy turnaround for you.


4.     Varied Shift Start and End Times Ensure Fast and Efficient Production

Our production shift starts early & we work hard after-hours preparing for your pour and delivery. This shortens our production time and gives us the flexibility to get your custom precast concrete structure produced in 48-hours or less.


5.     Your Delivery is Planned With Precision

Our team plans the logistics of your delivery down to the detail. Then, back-up plans are created and carefully considered to make sure every possible situation is planned for before it happens.


6.     Every Piece of Equipment Has a Backup or Two

Our back-up equipment ensures that no matter what happens, we will always get your structure to you on-time. This includes the concrete mixers in our plant, the cranes, trucks and trailers used to deliver your order, and the back-up systems used to maintain communication with our drivers and your field personnel.


7.     Our Team Prepares for Your Delivery the Day Before

Everyone involved with your project is given the details of your delivery the day before. By doing this, our team members are able to prepare and organize everything they need to ensure you an on-time delivery and flawless set.


8.     Every Person in Our Office Can Give You the Status of Your Delivery

When you call us to check on the status of your delivery, you can be assured of two things: 1, that a friendly, helpful person will answer your call and 2, that any ACP team member who answers will be able to give you an up-to-the-minute status of your delivery.


9.     Your Pre-cast Concrete Structure Can Be Delivered 7 Days a Week

When a Saturday or Sunday delivery is required to keep your construction project on schedule, you can count on us to be there. 



We’re serious when we guarantee your delivery date!

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“No other concrete company was able to provide what we needed in the short time frame we had. Fortunately, Advance Concrete Products had the product we needed ‘on the shelf' ready to go. Time was a very critical factor and they made it happen.”

“Advance Concrete Products does an exceptional job for us. We tell them what we need and when we need it and they're sitting there waiting for us. They even sped up my delivery by two days to help me out. The bottom line is they do what they say they're going to do. Today that's unique. It's refreshing to work with Advance.”

John K, Electrical Contractor

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