Why Precast with Advance Concrete Products?


9 Advantages of Precast Concrete from ACP

      1.    Precast Concrete Saves Time

Pre-cast concrete eliminates many of the time-consuming tasks involved with cast-in-place. With pre-cast concrete, you and your crew won’t have to haul, set or remove forms. Nor will you have to wait for a concrete truck to arrive or concrete to cure. And never will you have to worry about your concrete setting-up in the truck or performing on-site strength tests. All you have to do is dig a hole. We do the rest. What does this add up to for you? An average of 2 days shaved off the duration of your project when you use pre-cast concrete.


2.     Precast Concrete Structures Can be Delivered to You in 48 hours or Less

On those occasions when a quick turnaround is essential, stock standard concrete structures can be ready to deliver in just one hour. When a custom concrete structure is what you need in short order, many products can be delivered to your site in 48-hours or less. Pre-cast concrete from ACP makes it easy for you to meet those challenging construction deadlines.


3.     Your Concrete Structure is Ready When You Are

With pre-cast concrete from ACP, your structure can be manufactured in advance and held until the hour you need it. Just one call from you sets our delivery trucks in motion. If you prefer, you can send your truck to our yard and we’ll load it up for you. Either way, you get what you want, when you want it.


4.     Your Precast Structure Can be Made In Any Weather

No longer will rain, ice or sleet cause project delays. With ACP, your pre-cast concrete structure is poured in a controlled environment so weather will never cause you to lose production time.


5.     Precast Concrete Ensures Your Excavation is Open for Less Time

On those jobs where traffic is an issue and crew safety a concern, getting your excavation closed quickly is critical. The last thing you want is to wait for forms to be delivered, trucks to arrive, concrete to cure and forms to be stripped. That whole process can take 3 days with cast-in-place. With pre-cast concrete from ACP, you dig the hole in the morning, we set your structure midday, you backfill in the afternoon and you’re done at the end of the day. It’s that easy.


6.     Your Precast Structure Can be Customized to Your Exact Specs

Whatever you need, we can create. Stock concrete products from ACP can be quickly cored to meet your exact specifications. When your job requires it, your structure can be custom made to suit your needs to a T.


7.     Your Precast Concrete Structure Can be Changed Up Until the Last Minute

When you order pre-cast concrete from ACP, you have the flexibility to make changes to your structure right up until the minute the concrete is poured in the form. With pre-cast, last minute changes are easier to make, regardless of job site conditions.


8.     Your Pre-Cast Structure is Correct When Delivered

At ACP, your pre-cast structure goes through 6 Quality Control Checks between the moment you place your order and the time it’s delivered to you. Each check is designed to ensure your product is exactly what you expect when it arrives on your site.


9.   Your Pre-cast Structure Comes With Everything You Need

Your pre-cast concrete structure can be delivered with all the equipment you need including complete hardware packages, risers, and access covers. Instead of buying cast-in-place concrete from one company and hardware from another, you can get everything you need for your project from ACP your pre-cast supplier. Just another way pre-cast concrete makes your job easier.


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“The electrical contractor suggested we consider pre-cast concrete instead of cast-in-place. The advantage to us was time. With cast-in-place the hole would have been open a week. With pre-cast it was open just a day.”

Pat B., General Contractor

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