Precast vs Cast in Place

“As a Project Manager I find that pre-cast concrete is much easier than cast-in-place. With pre-cast, I just dig the hole. Then, Advance comes out in their truck with a boom on it, they swing the concrete over, drop it in and we're done. It's that easy!

“The folks at Advance Concrete Products do a great job taking care of their customers. I tell them what I want and when I want it and they deliver. If I ever have questions, they take the time to explain my options and what their products can do. I appreciate their can-do attitude.”

Jack L, Project Manager, General Contractor


Here’s How Precast Concrete from ACP Outperforms Cast-in-Place


Key Concerns


Pre-Cast Concrete from ACP




·   You must haul, set and remove forms

·   You may wait for a concrete truck to arrive and concrete to cure

·   You have to worry about concrete setting up in the truck

·   You are responsible for performing on-site strength tests



·   With pre-cast concrete from ACP you simply dig a hole and we set your product in it.


Turnaround Time



·     The tasks involved with a concrete pour (see above) can add 3 days to the length of your project



·   Stock standard pre-cast concrete structures can be on their way to you in just one hour.

·   Custom concrete can be delivered in 48-hours or less.

·   Your pre-cast concrete structures can be created in advance and held until the hour you need them or you can pick them up.







·   With cast-in-place, rain, sleet or snow can delay your pour and your project.

·   In cold temperatures and wet conditions, concrete is slow to set.


·   With pre-cast, your structure is poured in a controlled environment so weather is never a factor and your project is never delayed because of it.



Concrete Strength


·   A number of uncontrollable factors can decrease the strength and durability of freshly poured concrete including: extreme temperatures, fluctuations in temperature, humidity, etc.


·   Controlled pour conditions, strict quality-control measures and factory strength testing ensure pre-cast concrete that meets strength and durability specifications.





Excavation Open Time


·    With cast-in-place, your excavation is open as long as there are forms to be delivered, trucks to arrive, concrete to pour and cure, and forms to be stripped.

·   Best case scenario, your excavation is open 3 days.


·   With pre-cast concrete from ACP you dig the hole in the morning, we set your structure midday, you backfill in the afternoon and you’re done before the end of the day.





Last-Minute Changes


·     With cast-in-place, last-minute changes are difficult to make and cost money.


·   Pre-cast Concrete from ACP gives you the flexibility to make changes to your structure right up until the minute the concrete is poured in the form.





·   With cast-in-place, you must buy concrete from one company and hardware from others.


·   Pre-cast concrete structures from ACP are delivered with all the equipment you need including electrical hardware, steel or non-metallic racks, cast iron and aluminum access covers.

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