Precast Bridges & Culverts



Our ADSPAN® system is superior to other 3-sided culvert manufacturing processes. This is how we can provide quality and service at an economical price. 


  • Each of our forms has the adjustability to pour 35 different bridge spans in 6” increments and can produce heights ordered to the half inch. 
  • We have multiple forms at one facility and can manufacture concrete culvert drain sections for many jobs simultaneously. 
  • We always deliver the precast 3-sided culvert pieces upright, the same way they will be installed in their final position on the jobsite.  There is no flipping or tipping involved, speeding up the installation process and minimizing risk of damage done to the culvert section during handling.
  • We test fit your culvert sections in our yard. We don’t wait to find out there is a fit problem.  We make sure it doesn’t happen to you on the site.
  • We test fit your precast concrete headwalls on the end sections in our yard.  Again, no surprises for you, slowing your job down and giving you headaches.
We take pride in our flexibility to manufacture the product you are looking for as a designer, owner or contractor. 
Here are just a few ADSPAN® options customers have chosen on past projects:


  • Formliners for architectural finishes
  • Custom reveals or grooves
  • Embedded nameplates
  • Skew angles
  • Custom curved system to follow the path of stream or creek
  • Tapered concrete headwalls and wingwalls
  • Hardware embedments for guardrail systems
  • Corrosion inhibiting admixture in concrete mix design for added durability
  • Exterior plant-applied damproofing
  • Embedded light fixtures
Our ADSPAN® system can be used for virtually any application and traffic loading situation. Concrete wingwalls, headwalls and footings are available.  Call us today at 1-800-824-8351 or email
Example shown: Petoskey Pedestrian Tunnel

3-Sided Culvert for MDOT - ADSPAN 36' Span x 9' Rise

  36' span x 9' rise 3-sided culvert - Shiawassee County
  ADSPAN 3-Sided Culvert
Advance Concrete Products built and delivered the wingwall and concrete bridge sections of this tall drain culvert upright, so the contractor did not have to spend valuable crane and labor time to maneuver and tip the precast pieces into the final position. Our upright method of reinforced concrete bridge shipment is also safer for everyone on the jobsite and prevents the spalling and chipping of the nearly 11' tall precast concrete sections due to additional handling. The inspector was happy, MDOT was happy, and the site foreman was so happy, he said, "I wish Advance could provide all of the culverts on our projects". 

That's why we work hard to be the best at quality and service.  Call us at 248-887-4173 or email

3-Sided Culvert Ready to Go

  3-Sided ADSPAN Culvert
We deliver all of our precast concrete culvert sections upright.  Save your valuable crane time because no tipping is required on the job. The customer receiving this 32' span ADSPAN realizes the savings.  Simply unstrap, hook up, lift and set the bridge on your footings.  Want precast concrete footings?  We have those too!  

Call 800-824-8351 or 

Our Bridge...and One Happy Customer

Smile Drawn On ADSPAN Culvert 
When we asked the crew of B. Hill'z Excavating how they felt about our 3-Sided ADSPAN Culvert shipped to Ohio, they painted this picture on top of our structure at the jobsite. Advance Concrete Products strives to put a happy face on each and every customer. Thank you for the great feedback!

Latest Testimonial
 “I want your ADSPAN culvert sections on all my jobs.  I will tell my office.  They fit together so much better than the last culvert job I installed from another producer.  It really pays off to test fit them in the yard as you do.”

       Bill S., Qualified DOT General Contracting Company


CAD Drawings of ADSPAN 3-Sided Culverts
ADSPAN 28'x8' Sample

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