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Valves and Piping Can Be Installed Prior to Delivery

Bottom Vault Section
Completed Meter Vault with Riser
Advance Concrete Products is proud to have provided a valve vault, complete with riser, for this important remediation project at the Detroit Wildlife Refuge.  The precast concrete assembly was outfitted at our yard prior to delivery with valves, piping, and supports, saving valuable time and money on the job.  The contractor also chose to have Advance apply two coats of exterior damproofing on the concrete structure at our plant to decrease permeability.  We are excited to be part of the vast improvements occurring in the city of Detroit and surrounding areas.

The 44-acre Refuge Gateway is located on the Trenton Channel of the Detroit River in Trenton, Michigan. It is a brownfield site that is being restored as the Refuge Gateway.  Over 50 years ago the entire Refuge Gateway shoreline of the Trenton Channel was filled to accommodate the industrial development of the site, destroying many coastal wetlands.  Restoration work at the site will recreate a more natural shoreline at the Refuge Gateway from upland habitats through shrub-scrub, emergent wetlands, submergent wetlands, and transitioning out to paulstrine habitats. In total, 18 acres of wetlands and 26 acres of prairie/buffer habitats will be restored at the Refuge Gateway. 

The innovative restoration work being completed at the Refuge Gateway represents a net gain in wetlands in an area that has lost 97% of its coastal wetlands to development. By restoring these coastal wetlands and adjacent buffer habitats, the ecological buffer is being improved for Humbug Marsh, Michigan's only Wetland of International Importance. 

We're Not Always Square At Advance

Octagon Manhole Wall Bolt
Octagon Walls Together
Precast Octagon Roof
Your project sometimes needs more than just a custom size; you may require a custom shape. The walls have to match existing conduit layouts and elevations. Racking hardware must be installed on 45 degree angles. You just know a square or rectangular concrete structure won't be the perfect fit. Are you counting 5 sides? 6 sides? How about 8 sides? There's no need to be stressed. Contact Advance! We have state-of-the-art systems in place to get your mission accomplished, from concept to reality. Advance Concrete Products has the team to get your octagonal precast concrete manhole designed, manufactured, delivered and installed, so you can move on to your next project. Our experienced production and installation crews will make sure all concrete components fit together perfectly. We will make you look good, no matter what shape. Contact Advance Concrete Products today with your jobsite challenge and we can make precast concrete work for you. 
Email: info@advanceconcreteproducts.com or call 248-887-4173

Precast Concrete T-Walls

  Concrete T-Wall
Advance Concrete Products Co. offers a strong, durable, attractive precast concrete T-Wall system. With a maximum height of 16' and a stable 8' wide footprint, you can utilize these self-supporting walls for a variety of functions. They can keep your materials organized and separated, can hide an electrical substation or protect the public from a hazardous area.  With custom corner sections and a tongue-in-groove joint connection, the walls are installed easily and can be considered portable if your storage area needs to be moved. Additional sections can be added at a later date for increased area size. The height of our precast concrete TWalls can be customized for your particular function.  

Please call us at 1-800-824-8351 or email info@advanceconcreteproducts.com and we can match the size to fit your project.

Salt/Sand Storage
Recyclable Organization
Manure / Waste Storage
Wood Chip Storage
Bunker Silo
Landscape Material Storage
Noise Barrier
Retaining Walls
Substation Concealment
Protection for Hazardous Area
Property Division


Precast Concrete Pavement Slabs

  Precast Pavement Slab
Advance Concrete Products Co. is proud to be the first precaster to manufacture pavement slabs for The Super Slab Pre-Cast Repair System in the state of Michigan.  In the past, highway and road repairs took days and sometimes only lasted years.      Now, precast concrete pavement slabs are installed in hours and will last decades.  

Slab dimensions are kept to extremely tight tolerances, poured with high-strength concrete in our environmentally-controlled facility, and stocked until the contractor is ready.  Lanes can be closed after rush hour in the afternoon, existing sections of roadway then sawcut and removed, full-depth, precast concrete pavement slabs are installed in less than 8 hours, and the lanes opened to traffic in time for morning rush hour.  Imagine - road segments with potholes one day, then brand new, high-performance concrete pavement being driven over the very next day.  Precast concrete pavement slabs will help improve our infrastructure faster than ever imagined, by transforming aging, damaged roadway into smooth, strong concrete pavement virtually overnight.  Advance Concrete Products Co. is part of the solution.  How can we help you?

Concrete Grease Interceptors - Tried, Trusted, True

Some suppliers of fiberglass grease interceptor products, which can be significantly more expensive than concrete, have asserted that precast concrete grease interceptors fail to meet code and have called into question the quality, reliability, durability and longevity of concrete grease interceptors. These claims – and others made by these fiberglass suppliers – are quite simply false and misleading. The National Precast Concrete Association combats every one of these claims with the facts.  Click on this link for Myth vs. Fact...Grease Interceptors Myth vs Fact.PDF

Call Advance Concrete today at 248-887-4173 for precast concrete grease interceptor information.
Grease Interceptor Myth vs Fact 1
Grease Trap Myth vs. Fact 2

Precast Concrete Geothermal Vault

  Bells Geothermal Vault
  Geothermal Vault Image
Geothermal Energy is a safe, renewable energy stored within the earth and is becoming increasingly popular due to the public's growing concern for reducing waste.  Due to the earth's constant temperature, geothermal energy can be efficiently used for heating and cooling purposes without harm to the environment.  Advance Concrete Products Co. is called upon for geothermal systems because we are experts in manufacturing quality underground enclosures.  Since 1966, our customers are confident their energy distribution equipment will be housed in a structurally sound, watertight, precast concrete vault, sized according to their specific requirements.  Here is an example of one of Advance Concrete Products' precast concrete geothermal vaults, without the roof, installed by our experienced crane operator and the contractor's job site crew.  

You Will Be As Pleased As Lance, When You Call Advance Concrete Products

After delivering 48,000 lb. precast concrete arsenic treatment tanks on a tight schedule, we received this unsolicited comment:

"I want to acknowledge the fine work you and your company did. In addition to giving praise to an efficient and well run plant, I want to compliment your men in the field.  Your men are professional with demonstrated experience at what they do. I was very impressed with the way they swung those big tanks over into the excavation and then aligned them one atop the other. Very precise...I shall strongly recommend your company."

Lance S., 
Project Coordinator, Consultant and Engineer
  Advance Crane Lifting Tank Top Section
  Arsenic Removal Tank

Concrete Tornado Shelter Certified By National Storm Shelter Association

  Storm Safe Precast Concrete Shelter
Did you know Michigan is in the highest category for tornado probability in the United States?  Be ready for tornado and storm season with "StormSafe", our precast concrete, above-ground storm shelter for your residential or commercial property.  Designed to surpass FEMA standards, they are made with extra heavy duty doors tested to withstand an F-5 tornado.  We have many sizes available, from the 6' x 6' x 7' tall shelter shown here weighing over 10 tons, to one of our larger choices of a 20' x 10' x 8' tornado shelter.  There are many sizes in between.  Our precast concrete storm shelters can be manufactured with inserts in the walls for your shelving and can be used for storage and as safe rooms too.  

Contact Advance Concrete Products Co. today at 248-887-4173 and we can help you keep your family and employees safe with our StormSafe tornado shelters.  

Click on this link for StormSafe Precast Concrete Shelter Information:

Click Here For Storm Safe Information
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Daryl K, Underground Contractor
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Robin R, Engineer




Precast at the New Red Wings Arena

  Red Wings Tour New Arena Site
  Site Tour of New Red Wings Arena
Red Wings Glendening, Miller, DeKeyser, Abdelkader, and Larkin touring the new hockey arena construction site, walking past our underground electrical vaults near center ice. It's an exciting time for the city of Detroit. This project is moving fast, and the experienced contractors know who to call for custom precast concrete underground utility structures.    

Advance Concrete Products: 248-887-4173.  The Red Wings work hard for you and and Advance Concrete Products does too!  

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