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You want a separator that won't float or melt like plastic, an interceptor that you don't have to pour a concrete slab over to make it traffic loading, a grease trap that is supplied and set in the excavation by the manufacturer, not just sent to your site on a flatbed for you to deal with, after you just paid an exorbitant price. Don't be fooled by false information. Concrete is the best material for your grease interceptor.  Click on this link for Myth vs. Fact...Grease Interceptors Myth vs Fact.PDF

Advance Concrete Products Co. supplies hundreds of concrete grease interceptors each year during restaurant renovations, new restaurant construction, and expansions. Our grease interceptors are rated heavy duty, made with high-strength concrete that is reinforced with rebar for your high traffic area, and certified watertight by vacuum testing. Our trailer-mounted cranes arrive with our highly trained operators ready to set the interceptor in your prepared excavation. We custom ordered our cranes to be designed with extremely high capacity so we can better serve you, the customer.  Notice the 18,000 lb. precast concrete grease interceptor in the photo is being installed in one piece, because that's what the contractor needed. Advance is all about high quality product and service.  

Below, you'll find a list of companies that trust the value, quality and service we provide each time we deliver a precast concrete grease interceptor to their site, getting their kitchens open in the shortest amount of time, with the highest quality grease interceptor.  Yes, you can have both.

* MacDonalds
* Taco Bell
* Tim Hortons
* White Castle
* Buffalo Wild Wings
* A&W 
* Subway
* Costco
* Jimmy Johns
* Burger King
* Culvers Restaurant
* Golden Corral
* Big Boy
* Four Winds Casino
* Rio Bravo
* Tony Gallo's
* Kroger
* Slow's BBQ
* Bagger Dave's
* Whole Foods
* Medilodge
* Starbuck's
* Popeye's Chicken
* Logan's Roadhouse
* Blind Fish
  ... and too many more to list!

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Concrete Grease Interceptors - Tried, Trusted, True

Some suppliers of fiberglass and HDPE grease interceptor products, which can be significantly more expensive than concrete, have asserted that precast concrete grease interceptors fail to meet code and have called into question the quality, reliability, durability and longevity of concrete grease interceptors. These claims and others made by these fiberglass suppliers are quite simply false and misleading. The National Precast Concrete Association combats every one of these claims with the facts.  Click on this link for Myth vs. Fact...Grease Interceptors Myth vs Fact.PDF

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Grease Interceptor Myth vs Fact 1
Grease Trap Myth vs. Fact 2

Precast Concrete Grease Interceptors

  Precast Concrete Interceptor
  1500 Gallon Grease Interceptor
Mixed reports and different types of materials available for interceptors can result in confusion.  Which type of grease interceptor or oil separator should you include in your design or should you consider purchasing?  Precast concrete interceptors have the advantages you are looking for, regardless of the false claims made by other material manufacturers. Don't believe the myth.  Save yourself time and money.  Our precast concrete interceptors comply with the plumbing code, and we have third party certification.  Please open this link to view the Myth vs. Fact concerning concrete grease interceptors: Grease-myth vs fact.PDF

With a specific gravity of 2.40, concrete structures resist buoyancy in water table applications, unlike other materials used for detention tanks.  In comparison, fiberglass has a specific gravity of 1.86 and high density polyethylene (HDPE) has a specific gravity of only .097.  Setting precast concrete grease interceptors is easier than those materials because they do not require special rigging to avoid structural damage.  Fiberglass or HDPE can suffer structural damage during compaction, and is more susceptible to vibratory damage while surrounding soil is backfilled.  Consequently, backfilling operations can usually proceed much faster around precast structures.  You don't have to pour a slab over the top of our interceptors and separators  - they are built to meet AASHTO H-20 loading on their own.  Why pay extra???  We stock most size interceptors, so can service your job in two weeks or less.  Sometimes we can deliver the day after you call.  Why wait longer??? 

Why Precast Concrete?  

-Superior Strength and Durability
-Modern Concrete Mix Designs Resist Corrosion
-Concrete Mass Resists Bouyancy Unlike Plastic or Fiberglass Materials
-Quick Availability
-Environmentally Friendly (concrete is one of the most Green construction materials you can buy).
-Maintenance Ease and Accountability
-High Degree of Quality Control
-Support of Local Manufacturers
-Most Economical Choice

Our precast concrete grease interceptors comply with applicable sections of the 2015 Michigan and International Plumbing Code.

Advance Concrete Products Co. routinely sends highly trained, experienced drivers that can set your grease interceptor or oil and water separator in your prepared excavation with our trailer mounted crane. We don't merely put your interceptor on a flatbed common carrier and then send you a bill.  We follow through from design to installation.  You get personal service.

For a more in-depth report on why your best choice for an grease trap interceptor is precast concrete, please click on the article on this page, upper right side bar.  For more information, please contact us at 248-887-4173 or

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