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“I want your ADSPAN culvert sections on all my jobs.  I will tell my office.  They fit together so much better than the last culvert job I installed from another producer.  It really pays off to test fit them in the yard as you do.”

Bill S., Qualified DOT General Contracting Company

“I just had to call to say how impressed we were with your delivery.  My foreman said he wishes he had drivers from Advance Concrete on his jobs every time.  This was a tough site and your people made it easier.”

Jeb H., Electrical Contracting Company

"I just unloaded our custom shielding block and had an audience because everyone had to come and see the new block.  I just wanted to let you know that everyone was impressed.  The engineers went right to measuring it and said it was right on the money.  They were also impressed that your driver had it all wrapped so it is dry and we can get a couple students to get right on painting it.  I am sure we will have more products to be made in the future and I believe your company just made a very good impression on the people that matter here, so you may very well be hearing from us again.  Thanks again and thank all your staff for a job well done."

Scott Y., Testing Facility

“I was very impressed with how quickly the backflow preventor building was installed.  It looks great too!  I will definitely call Advance when we need another one.”

Tom E., Electrical Utility Company

“As a Project Manager I find that pre-cast concrete is much easier than cast-in-place. With pre-cast, I just dig the hole. Then, Advance comes out in their truck with a boom on it, they swing the concrete over, drop it in and we’re done. It’s that easy!


“The folks at Advance Concrete Products do a great job taking care of their customers. I tell them what I want and when I want it and they deliver.  If I ever have questions, they take the time to explain my options and what their products can do. I appreciate their can-do attitude.”

Jack L, Project Manager, General Contractor


“No other concrete company was able to provide what we needed in the short time-frame we had. Fortunately, Advance Concrete Products had the product we needed ‘on the shelf’ ready to go. Time was a very critical factor and they made it happen.”


“Advance Concrete Products does an exceptional job for us. We tell them what we need and when we need it and they’re sitting there waiting for us. They even sped up my delivery by two days to help me out. The bottom line is they do what they say they’re going to do. Today that’s unique. It’s refreshing to work with Advance.”

John K, Electrical Contractor                              


“The people at Advance Concrete Products are willing to do whatever it takes to work with us. They are very adaptable and respond quickly to our needs and any changes that might come up on a project.”

Richard H, Electrical Contractor


“I expect the company I buy concrete products from to have the equipment they need to deliver their products. Advance Concrete Products always does. They come out with the right truck and crane to set the product we order. Other companies expect us to rent a crane to set their concrete products. I don’t want to deal with that. That’s why we only do business with Advance. They deliver a complete product. We don’t have to worry about finding a crane to set a manhole and more delivery problems. There are no hassles when we work with Advance.”

Dennis K, Estimator and Project Manager, General Contractor


“I know there are other concrete companies out there but I call Advance Concrete Products first. They’re always helpful and responsive and they do good work.”

Robin R, Engineer


“I appreciate the personalized service I get when I work with Advance. And they’re always very courteous and friendly.”

Tom M, Power Company 


“The people at Advance Concrete Products are very easy to work with.”

Ron C., Underground Contractor


“There’s a lot of friendly cooperation when you work with Advance Concrete Products. They have a good engineer team. They take the time to help you understand the product and how it works. The also have a good management team. They’re just a good bunch of people. They do what they say they’re going to do. They get the product there on time and it’s a good product.”

Jeff S, Project Manager, General Contractor


“Not only does Advance Concrete Products show up on-time with the product we ordered, they also set it when they get here. Some of the other companies don’t. Advance delivers the product with the right equipment to set it in the ground. That makes my job a lot easier.”

Ladd V., Electrical Contractor


“I like working with the staff at Advance Concrete Products. They’re so helpful. If I have a question they can answer it for me - quickly. They’re all very knowledgeable about the industry and their products and services.”

Denny B., Excavator and General Contractor                            


“The electrical contractor suggested we consider pre-cast concrete instead of cast-in-place. The advantage to us was time. With cast-in-place the hole would have been open a week. With pre-cast it was open just a day.”


“At Advance Concrete Products, they do what they say they’re going to do. In my mind they really are the best at what they do. They follow-up, they track progress, they stay of top of deliveries and scheduling. If they don’t hear from me for a week or two and they know I’m expecting a delivery soon, they’ll get in touch with me. It’s the small things they do for their customers that really make a difference.”


“There are other concrete companies out there that do what they do, but we prefer using Advance Concrete Products. They do what they say they’re going to do and they’ve never let us down. If they say they’re going to be there on a certain day at a certain time, they’re there. That gives me great peace of mind.”

Pat B., General Contractor


“Advance Concrete Products “builds a good hole”. We’ve been doing business with them for more than 20 years. We don’t consider other companies for concrete products. Advance is part of our team and we all work well together. We know all their drivers and crane operators and we help each other out. We know the quality and the service we can expect from Advance so we stay with them.”

Daryl K, Underground Contractor                       


“Advance has the trucks and the cranes to off-load the structures they build for me. That saves me a lot of money. Probably 80% of the other companies that I hire around the country can’t do that. With the other companies I have to rent a crane to set these vaults in the excavations but not with Advance.”


“Advance is very quick with bids and shop drawings and they deliver when they say they’re going to deliver.”

Jeff C, General Contractor


“The people at Advance Concrete Products respond quickly when I need something or have a question. They are very flexible and adapt easily to changes. They have a good product that’s available when I need it. I can depend on them to do what they say they’re going to do and show up when they promise.”

Joe B, Electrical Contractor


“We’re very happy with Advance Concrete Products. They have a good product and what they do, they do very well. The people at Advance are so easy to work with. They handle changes very well. Everything runs smooth when we work with Advance.”

Brian R, General Contractor


“With Advance, everything is so easy. We call them. They come out and measure. They follow-up. They often measure again before delivery. They show up with the product on time.”

David K, General Contractor


“They people at Advance are good people to work with. They’re very accommodating and flexible. They’re letting me work in their plant next week (for what reason?)”

Jim T, Mechanical Contractor


“The people at Advance are very professional and dependable. I can call them for a price on a product and within half an hour I’ll have a price. It makes my job a lot easier. They’re very accommodating.”

David B., Electrical Contractor


“Advance Concrete Products meet the specs for concrete products – others don’t. The folks at Advance are efficient and get us what we need quickly. I just have to call them once. Their very responsive.”

Jim S, Electrical Contractor


“The service that Advance Concrete Products offers is head and shoulders above any of the other suppliers. Timing is everything as a contractor and it get worse every year. A lot of suppliers can’t accommodate last minute requests. Advance can. When I have a need, they do whatever it takes to make it happen. This helps us to be successful with our customers. It’s those extras they do with service that make a difference.”


“When I work with Advance Concrete, my job is easy. I call with a request and they usually come out that day or the next to take measurements on the structure we need. Two or three days later the structure is ready to go in the ground. Time is money for us and we can’t wait a week and a half for a manhole. We need it A.S.A.P. and Advance makes it happen.”


“Advance products are priced reasonably, their services are real good and their delivery is always on time. When I need something quickly, they are usually able to juggle their schedule and make it happen for us. Every company tries to serve their customers. Advance is just a little more successful at it. If you call with a problem or a need, they take it to heart and they work hard to get you what you need when you need it. That definitely sets them apart from their competition.”

Andrew R, Communication and Electrical Contractor


The people at Advance are good people. They’re always real nice and cordial. They get back to me quickly with information and quotes. They’re there when they say they’ll be there.  Their customer service is really good.

Fritz K, Electrical Contractor


“Advance has great customer service! They follow-through and keep us informed every step of the way so there are no surprises. You get to know the people at Advance and they become good friends.”


“Advance Concrete Product is excellent! They’re always on-time, extremely courteous and always able to take care of any special needs we may have. I can’t say enough good things about them. More than anything, it’s the personal relationships they create with their customers that makes them unique.”

Don K, Power Company


“All the people at Advance – the engineers, the office staff, the drivers – they work together to make it happen for us. They have a can-do attitude on every project.”

Al H, Electrical Contractor

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